6221 Pleasant Valley Rd El Dorado, CA 95623 (530) 622-2901

“great food and a fun iconic bar brought back to present day’s local dining and drinking expectations…”
Our Owners

Genovese Brothers & Mike Hountalas

Homeof the Golden Cadillac

A specialty drink you have to experience

Poor Red’s is renowned for its award-winning barbecue and for the world-famous cocktail they invented called the Golden Cadillac.

The creation of the Golden Cadillac is legendary in El Dorado. In 1952, a newly engaged couple came to Poor Red’s to celebrate their engagement. They asked bartender Frank Klein to create their own special cocktail that would match their newly purchased gold-colored Cadillac. The bartender served the drink in a champagne coupe glass to signify it’s celebratory nature meant for her and a sidecar glass for him. When you order one Golden Cadillac, you get two glasses.

The place is a destination for a Golden Cadillac experience, and it sells thousands of drinks. Since their re-opening in April 2016, Poor Red’s has sold over Forty Thousand of them. Try one for yourself and see what all the fuss is about. Enjoy!







Steaks • Chicken • Ribs
Poor Red’s is located in the town of El Dorado on Pleasant Valley Road at Highway 49. Originally constructed as a weigh station for Wells Fargo, it previously operated under the name Kelly’s Bar from 1927 until 1945. Poor Red won the bar in a game of dice, and he and his wife and bookkeeper Rich Opal took it…

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