6221 Pleasant Valley Rd El Dorado, CA 95623 (530) 622-2901

About Us


Historical Poor Red’s BBQ Restaurant and Bar is a renowned iconic roadhouse, home to locals and wayward travelers seeking refreshment and mouthwatering barbequed steak, ribs and chicken. Our simple, well executed menu reflects and preserves our long-running reputation as not only a watering hole, but as a comfortable place to enjoy comfortable food.


Opened daily for lunch and dinner, we focus on keeping our community engaged by using fresh, local ingredients, including some of the Sierra Foothill’s finest wines.
As faithful stewards of the area’s rich history, we strive to maintain the spirit of “Poor Red” and his “Rich Opal.” 


A Destination Like No Other
Through the traditional Golden Cadillac cocktail, the wall murals, and the “silver” dollar coins, our patrons will appreciate their rustic, refurbished, favorite historic hot-spot. Our friendly and timely service warmly welcomes each guest, creating memorable experiences with each visit. Poor Reds: a destination for the young, the old, the “in-laws,” and the “out-laws.”

  • "Service was great!...And oh my goodness the food is out of this world!! First bite was the seal the deal for me!"
    Lori M.
  • "Great food and great drinks...The ribs were fantastic. My wife loved her French dip and the couple we were with also loved their ribs and filet. We will be back!
    Chris W.
  • "I am quite picky when it comes to steak and Poor Red's did not disappoint. I had the Filet Mignon for lunch yesterday and it was cooked to perfection! Forget trying to figure out which wine to pair with your steak, try a Golden Cadillac for the perfect addition to your meal!"
    Tera O.